About DMGAudio
DMGAudio is Dave Gamble and co-conspirator Krzysztof Oktalski, enriched with ideas from hundreds of engineers, producers and audio specialists.

Dave has worked in Pro-Audio for over a decade, for prestigious companies such as :
  • Focusrite
  • Novation
  • Sonalksis
  • Neyrinck
  • Brainworx
DMGAudio was created to build the products that we've always wanted; free from the constraints of a board of directors and instead driven by our users.


Meet Dualism


A fully-featured stereo field processor and beautiful suite of visualisers

We're very proud to announce our most recent development Dualism. Click here to read more!

One more update for 2013!


EQuality 1.23 Compassion 1.11 EQuick 1.07

EQuilibrium 1.07 PitchFunk 1.07

Two more bugfixes:

  • Fix Windows AAX32bit binaries.
  • Fix bug with reload of presets some users have reported.

This update is recommended for everyone who updated to the last version.

Updates for all plugins


EQuality 1.22 Compassion 1.10 EQuick 1.06 EQuilibrium 1.06 PitchFunk 1.06

This is a fairly major stability update. There's been a lot of time spent tracking down every last weirdness and instability, and the results from testing for this release are extremely positive. All reported stability issues have been addressed. No major new features, but a lot of optimisations, nips and tucks.

Warning This version does NOT include support for PPC or OSX 10.4

Downloads are available from the product pages now.



  • Versioning display for binaries.
  • Significant reduction in load/save times.
  • All-round optimisation and tidying.
  • Ceased support for 10.4 and PPC. 10.5 and Intel now required.
  • Improvements for RTAS versions.
  • Fix samplerate related issues for AU.
  • Improvements for AAX Automation.
  • Improvements for redraw strategy on OSX.
  • Improvements for UIs for AU&Cocoa.
  • Fix mousewheel handling on Windows.
  • Fix UI resizing in Live 9 Mac.
  • Fix obscure crash bug related to Analyser usage.
  • Fix crash when closing UI for Cocoa AUs
  • Fix obscure UI bug with mouse in specific location while preset loading.
  • Move Windows presets to My Documents to improve Win7/8 usage.
  • Added warning box if file save/load fails.


  • Experimental preference to allow extended band frequency range at higher samplerates.
  • Optimise redraw speed.
  • Grouped Undo/Redo.
  • Fix rare crash bugs.
  • Automating bypass buttons with shortcut in AAX fixed.
  • Fix 4th order shelves in parallel mode.
  • Fix pops with some band types.
  • Fix "fiddly" gain dragging issue.
  • Fix Meter Ballistics pref.
  • Improve handling of Avid control surfaces.
  • Fix crash with loading corrupt presets.
  • Fix obscure crash bug related to Analyser usage.
  • Fix obscure UI bug with mouse in specific location while preset loading.


  • Fix "node stuck at top of graph" bug.
  • Fix black-screen bug.
  • Fix obscure race-condition bug.
  • Fix obscure crash bug related to Analyser usage.


  • Fix obscure crash bug related to Analyser usage.

Note: If you experience issues with RTAS Mac/Windows, 32bit VST3 on Mac, or 64bit AAX on Windows, please re-download and reinstall. There was an issue with the release that has since been resolved.

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