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Artist Spotlight

Aran Lavi

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer and a studio owner
Tell us about projects that you enjoyed or that you're proud of.

I'm very proud of the many gold and platinum records I've mixed and\or mastered, and always very happy about my works doing well in the charts, but I'm every bit as proud of some of the less known but great sounding records.

How did you first hear of DMGAudio?

It was quite a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was on Gearslutz Mastering forum first and then I've demoed some DMG plugins which instantly became an important part of my mastering chain.

How do you feel about DMGAudio plugins?

DMG makes some of the best sounding plugins out there, especially for mastering. I love the sonics and GUIs, I use the plugins everyday.

How would you describe our plugins?

Good question! I would say DMG makes some of the best sounding digital processors available for mastering. Instead of making more plugins modelled after analog classics, DMG makes plugins that does things analog can't and will never be able to do, yet they perfectly compliment my selected analog units and on some occasions replace them.

What are your favourite DMGAudio plugins and how do they integrate with your workflow?

EQuilibrium is the best and most flexible digital EQ I've ever heard, same goes for Limitless which is the most transparent limiter I know! Essence is amazing too...

What are you hoping to see from us in the future?

There are two things I would really love to see:

A multiloop compressor in the same style of the old Jünger Accent hardware compressor. I'm using this compressor for many years in mastering and it's very good for bringing the low level information forward and creating glue without suffering from any obvious compression artefacts. The Jünger unit is old.. it doesn't have a side chain filter, it has very little control over what happens under the hood, and it doesn't use upsampling or lookahead like one would expect from a modern digital mastering compressor. I think DMG is the perfect company to develop this technology further, it is special.

I also think it is about time that a decent, stable, well controlled and expectable mastering saturator would be available in the box. I've yet to find a mastering saturator which is really flattering program material and doesn't sound like an effect. For example, when I'm boosting frequencies using Equilibrium while feeding it into some selected outboard gear which saturates in the "right way" for the program, it can sometimes make the EQ sound more "euphoric" and "alive", like when boosting a certain frequency it's sort of faking an impression of more dynamics in that area. I would love to have a solid solution for that while working in the box.