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Artist Spotlight

Henry Bainbridge

I'm a mastering engineer and a disc cutting engineer
Tell us about projects that you enjoyed or that you're proud of.

Well I have worked for a lot of big names in Bristol in the past, but currently I am most proud to be involved with people like The Bandulu Gang (Kahn, Neek, Boofy & Hi5Ghost) and also people like Dubkasm (Stryda & Digi). I am also part of The Heatwave so I use DMG stuff in all my production work too.

Dubkasm play Dub Studio dubs, all cut using DMG processing: DUBKASM DUBPLATE ANTHEM 'VICTORY'

Pretty much all the dubs in this mix were cut here using DMG processing: Kahn, Neek Hi5 Ghost and Boofy (BANDULU RECS) grime set in The Lab LDN

This is my thing:

How did you first hear of DMGAudio?

I got chatting to Dave on AIM once I think. He cut some scratch plates with us and we talked about what he was doing.

How would you describe our plugins?

They are the best, hands down. I have been using software for mastering for over 13 years, and I have seen how the market has evolved. When DMG came along it blew me away. I was using Algorithmix software which cost me over £1000 per plugin, and what Dave wanted to do was match that kind of quality with a much improved feature set and GUI. As far as I was concerned he had succeeded, I even did double blind tests to see if I could hear any reason to use the Algo Red or LP SplitComp any more, and I couldn’t. That was a real game changer, the £2000 dongle is sitting in a drawer.

They are also incredibly flexible, so the same tool can be used in very high resolution mode for mastering say, where CPU is not such a concern, and also in a mixing environment where you need more instances simultaneously. And it doesn’t stop there, there are many other features if you drill down, so you can customise the look and feel of the GUI to suit your taste. For mastering I want a big wide window with all the displays nice and big for fine adjustments. For mixing I want a smaller neater window so I can see the bigger picture of the mix.

I trust DMG more than any other brand. There is no bullshit, which is very refreshing. They make very high quality, feature rich tools, and they keep on top of things so they evolve and adapt very quickly to the market, which is so important when you are investing in gear. DMG products are a sound investment, and I should know, I have spent over £50k on the studio over the years and if I were to start again from scratch, DMG would be top of my list.

What are your favourite DMGAudio plugins and how do they integrate with your workflow?

I use EQuilibrium, Essence and Limitless every day without fail. They are the backbone of my signal chain. I have a ProTools C|24 and all the DMG parameters are mapped across it so I can use it like hardware costing several times the price.

For mixing I also use Dualism which enables me to A/B what I am doing so I know the mix is heading in the right direction. It does the same job for software as my Crookwood M1 console does for hardware, and that’s £5000 right there. Plus it has a comprehensive range of metering options.

Are there any tips for using our plugins that you’d like to share?

Yes, I like to use EQuilibrium in M/S mode, so I can see what the stereo field is doing and tweak each frequency, which is really important for working with vinyl. Essence is amazing for dealing with the top end, and I love being able to solo the Difference and hear what portion of the signal I am treating and by how much. Limitless has this great feature where you can whack the separation up to 200% and the bands work individually, which is perfect for the way vinyl works.

What are you hoping to see from us in the future?

I would really like to see something like a Dynamic EQ. Like Limitless, but with more controls per band? :)