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Artist Spotlight

Dim Grimm

I make music. It makes itself, and I record it. Playing instruments, programming stuff. And I tinker. I have also mixed and treated other people's material
Tell us about projects that you enjoyed or that you're proud of.

Some of the Dimlite stuff I suppose I can still listen to, and always what I'm doing right at the moment as Dim Grimm. The latest Misel Quitno recording, «Seams of the Days» – an excursion for single synthesizer. And the two Perlissop EPs I released as Dim Grimm. The second one came out recently.

How did you first hear of DMGAudio?

Over ten years ago, when Dave came out to a show in London to tell me about his brand, which was Sonalksis back then. I still use those sometimes.

How would you describe our plugins?

I would call them proper tools, extensive. I think they offer a sort of individuality for the user, as opposed to something that just sounds the way it sounds. DMG plug-ins can be made to sound however you want. They demand exploration.

What are your favourite DMGAudio plugins and how do they integrate with your workflow?

Dualism has become quite important for analyzing, since it can do it all. I also use it to blend sources. Limitless, is in my opinion the best plug-in limiter currently available. And then today, although I'm generally not much for gating drums, I had to isolate this kettle drum... just to find out: nothing in my admittedly small arsenal beats Expurgate when it comes to gating.

Are there any tips for using our plugins that you’d like to share?

I've attached my Limitless mastering/default setting. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s single-band, and usually it works. But, I JUST stopped using the limiter to get loud results. For this second Perlissop EP that just came out and the following stuff, I decided it was time to finally dismiss unnecessary loudness, even dismiss the pointless discussion about it, and just do what sounds fine across my devices: -13 LUFS. So, Limitless is still in use, but barely working, because I... limit less.

What are you hoping to see from us in the future?

A better life for me?