Hard work.

Phuuu. It’s been another long day, but the end is very much in sight now.

I spent today fixing the last few dumb bugs; optimised the filter generation, updated the VU to support K-metering/rates, got the Setup component working… and actually got all the preferences wired in.

Getting banks of presets and A/B (we have 8 A/B bands… A->H) to integrate nicely and recall all the extraneous UI settings (is it pre/post? Analyser on?) etc was fun. That was hard work. That’s done now.

Undo/redo was done a while ago. That was actually relatively easy.

I think the control grouping mechanism that’s currently in is probably going to get overhauled, but it’s a LOT of fun as it is right now.

I think I’ve fixed every bug and added every feature request submitted by the beta crew. I’ve thrown in a few extra features as options that I think will prove fun (you can set numeric display to be simple or precise, for quick readouts or accurate work, that kinda stuff).

All the graph<->band<->textbox interaction is behaving beautifully, and it’s really quite a pleasure to use! 🙂

So, DSP still no issues emerged; general consensus is that it sounds superb, which makes my day. UI has just been overhauled, so there’ll probably be a few glitches I’ve missed, but realistically, release by the end of the month certainly doesn’t seem impossible any more.

I’ve just sent the latest candidate off to the UI guy for his approval. Probably we’ll reconvene early next week, and if I get the all-clear, it’ll go back to beta… which at this stage will hopefully be a case of getting everyone’s opinions on things rather than a brainstorming phase like the last one 😉

Steinberg and Cakewalk have VERY kindly given me Cubase and Sonar to test with, so I’m going to have a go at 64bit and VST3 – I can’t promise that’ll be tested and ready before release, but I know a lot of you care about it, and it’s very much on my radar. Likewise I’ve been doing a bit of research into 64bit AUs. Unsurprisingly I have to focus on getting the core code rock-solid first (although I reckon that’s very close now) before I can start investigating ports, but these formats will not be forgotten. 😉

So, that’s where we’re at now.

Oh, pricing looks like it’s going to turn out to be significantly cheaper than any other EQ at this grade of functionality/workflow (“pro”).

More soon. 😉