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Lots of people ask me questions about audio. This is probably no great surprise. If anyone has any questions they’d like me to blog about, post ’em here, and we’ll get some explainings going on 😀

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Better late than never!

    My request is more for 2 different blog series than a single blog post per se :).

    ***Series 1****: I’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to learn more about each of the EQ curves in Equilibrium. I figure that there’s a good reason you’ve chosen to model each EQ: you know what it’s strengths are and how that is useful for consumers and you know what it will be less suitable for. This would be very useful for us to know too so that we could make better informed decisions about what EQ curve we might use to do something.

    I’m consistently questioning/unsure whether I am using the best EQ curve for a given task, and I really can’t make an informed choice beyond what I hear (which is how I should be deciding) … BUT, it would be nice to know a little more about each Peak curve and each High Shelve curve etc. in comparison to others so that we as consumers all have a little more direction/informed choice about what we are using and why. I’ve been producing as a hobby for nearly 4 years and I still feel ‘in the dark’ when it comes to EQ compared with other areas of production/mixing knowledge.

    So each week or month you could choose 3 of the peak curves (for example) and talk about something like:

    1. What is useful/has been revered about each of these Peak EQ Curves & which is suited to what kind of task/subjective desire that a mixer or master may have.

    2. Why you chose to include this EQ curve … how it provides an additional flavour/ability that the other choices don’t bring to the table as best as this curve does.

    Then the next month you could look at three more and so on, before moving onto high shelves, then HPF etc. etc.


    ***Series 2*** I would love to know more about EQ “etiquette”/appropriate use. For example, I remember reading an article/interview with you talking about when best to use minimum phase and when best to use linear phase. Those gems are floating around the internet, but it would be nice if you centralised them all in one place to keep your customers/fans informed of how best to use your EQs 😀 … it would be a dream!

    From a branding/marketing perspective it’d be awesome to somehow incorporate these onto your website too so that prospective customers could also read them and then they might realise “wow, this guy really knows what he’s doing and the praise that his products are getting reflect this … I think I NEED to buy his products or I am at a disadvantage”.

    I think that both of those series would benefit a huge number of people out there using EQs!

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