EQuality v1.12 out now


– Graph zoom.
– 64bit VST/VST3 mac support.
– Configurable CPU usage for Minimum/Analogue/Linear Phase modes
– CPU Optimises in Digital/Digital+ modes.
– Other misc tweaks (AU value display, ProTools controlsurface support enhanced, tweaks, fixes).

Out now. Grab it from dmgaudio.com 🙂


Compassion v1.02


Some tweaking, some improvements, and v1.02 is out. Grab it from the Compassion page!


Changelog v1.00->v1.01

– Fix: Crash in Mono mode when plugin Expired
– Fix: Misprocessing of Split-EQ in Mono mode

Changelog v1.01->v1.02

– Added: Detectors and Split Mix displayed in dB.
– Fix: Display of Expansion/Ratio values
– Fix: Textual improvements in manual
– Fix: Mousewheel for Advanced parameters
– Added: Threshold bars opacity preference
– Added: Save Zoom state in mods and presets
– Fix: bug with saving GUI states in mods
– Added: Preference for Wave Speed on main display
– Added: Improved preset naming handling
– Fix: Handling of LP-Split in MS mode
– Fix: Numerical ordering of Mods
– Fix: VST2 bypass
– Fix: A/B Bank/Listen display in some hosts
– Added: Split EQ “PL” (parallel) option for more efficient mastering workflow
– Fix: Reset to default for Advanced parameter sliders