Updates to things

I’ve updated all the things, changelog below.

And the news that you are all waiting to hear – EQuilibrium, the new EQ should hit alpha this week and with any luck beta next!!

– Fix mousewheel handling bug
– Fix bug that could cause pops when automated
– Added preference: Band-Q follows Zoom
– Added preference: Configure right-click as Invert/Bypass/None
– Tidy up automation handling
– Improve mousewheel and autolisten
– Added preference: Sticky selection, to retain selected bands, rather than allow dragging
– Added preference: Control+Mousewheel behaviour (adjust gain/freq)
– Added preference: Larger EQ band dots
– Reduce CPU usage when automated in Reaper

– Fix “glitching” DSP bug
– Fix delay times for samplerates other than 44k1

– Fix Detector Graph bug

– AAX-AudioSuite Enabled
– Fix samplerate handling for VST3 in StudioOne
– AAX enable click-thru – prevents first click from being absorbed when UI is opened
– AAX Bypass mechanism reworked to match RTAS version

I wrote a mini paper!

Here’s what some EQ maths looks like! There’s even some code!

This is what I did today. I also baked Parisian macaroons.

Little EQ result.

This is really just to drop the result into the public domain, because it’s not very complicated (it took me a few hours), but it would be brutally awful for anyone to try and stop other people from using it.

Updates to all things are in beta, and the new EQ marches along nicely. Hopefully that will get to beta within a week or two! I live in optimism.

In other news, the macaroons came out perfectly – best batch ever! 😀