We’re going to Ibiza…

Something very interesting is about to happen.

A very exciting new project is about to start, which will result in some delicious audio goodness.

I suspect most of you remember the TBKs from my Sonalksis days. I’ve had the chance to spend some time with a good friend with whom the TBKs were designed (not to mention most of my Focusrite projects). As a result, we’ve come up with an evil plan.

I hope it’s not too bold of me to make the claim that I’m fairly reknowned for listening to what real users want; we’re taking this to it’s logical conclusion: bespoke plugins.

We’ll be in Ibiza for two weeks, 11th to 24th August, to meet up with producers. If you’re out there, and would like to arrange a meeting (read: smoke cigars on a sun lounger by the pool in the gorgeous Ibizan weather), drop me a line, Dave at dmgaudio dot com, as always.

I’ll be posting about our activities on the white isle on and off (as internet is available). I have a cache of great DSP that’s aching to make itself useful 😉

… back to the island.



Hi all.

I’ve been fixing and tweaking again. v1.09 (public beta) available here:


– Fix AU Validation
– Improve RTAS UI handling
– Improve display of textboxes for RTAS/Mac
– Fix AudioSuite handling
– Fix processing of long offline blocks
– Fix special peaks bug
– Fix 64bit UI handling
– Fix RTAS samplerate issue
– Sliders have textboxes for display/entry
– VST2.4 mono version, for convenience
– Fix range=0 bug
– Double-click sliders/knobs to reset to default.
– Button added to Setup to save state as default.
– Mousewheel adjusts Q for all bands
– Autolisten uses q=12 pref.
– Alt-dblclick on the graph resets a band to default.
– Alt-drag Range/Shift will not change value without affecting bands.

Feedback please! If there are any features I’ve missed, let me know now and I’ll get on it.