…and PitchFunk 1.02!

Grab it from Here under ‘Downloads’.

Whole bunch of neat changes and new features:

– Improve CPU usage.
– Reduce latency.
– Free-run modes for LFOs.
– Retriggering of LFOs.
– Unipolar/Bipolar LFO modes.
– Dual mode, allows processing two Stereo-mode instances in one.
– Splice Scaling control for Asynch modes.
– Edit Both functionality, to edit both channels in synch.
– More presets!
– MIDI Enable/Disable button.
– Fix denormal bug with LFOs.
– Improve switching between Synch and Asynch modes.
– Improve handling of unusual time-signatures.
– Add “resynch shifters” feature on re-selecting shift-mode.
– Disabling a lock leaves control set to its value while locked.
– Phase invert for Dual mode, allows phase-inverting for the second instance wet signal.
– Improve scanning for LFOs – displays scan along (phase-shifted) blue image.