Updates to things

I’ve updated all the things, changelog below.

And the news that you are all waiting to hear – EQuilibrium, the new EQ should hit alpha this week and with any luck beta next!!

– Fix mousewheel handling bug
– Fix bug that could cause pops when automated
– Added preference: Band-Q follows Zoom
– Added preference: Configure right-click as Invert/Bypass/None
– Tidy up automation handling
– Improve mousewheel and autolisten
– Added preference: Sticky selection, to retain selected bands, rather than allow dragging
– Added preference: Control+Mousewheel behaviour (adjust gain/freq)
– Added preference: Larger EQ band dots
– Reduce CPU usage when automated in Reaper

– Fix “glitching” DSP bug
– Fix delay times for samplerates other than 44k1

– Fix Detector Graph bug

– AAX-AudioSuite Enabled
– Fix samplerate handling for VST3 in StudioOne
– AAX enable click-thru – prevents first click from being absorbed when UI is opened
– AAX Bypass mechanism reworked to match RTAS version

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