New Year, New Blog, New Company, New Products!

I’m back 😀

If you’re finding this site, you might remember me as Dave from Sonalksis Dev Blog, or if your memory is even better, you might remember me from the days when I worked at Focusrite/Novation. I left Sonalksis a couple of years ago with the intention of setting up my own small dev shop. I’ve been working freelance for a bunch of great companies in the meantime, to pay the bills to get something together that I can release… I set myself the deadline of 1/1/2010. I’ve pretty much made it.

I’ve been blogging sporadically on other sites in the meantime; you might have seen Harmony Box which was a fun collaboration between my friend Mike and I. You may even have stumbled onto the (deeply techy, and badly neglected) DMGSound Blog. I announced the plan there a while ago… but then DMGAudio.com came up as a domain, so I grabbed it and here we are!

In the next few days, I’m going to be shipping my first product to beta.
Those of you who know/remember me won’t find it particularly out of character that I’d very much like to get feedback on it from as many of you as possible, because together we can make it into what I want it to be- the finest EQ in the world.

Let’s cut to the chase. Meet eQuality:

Before I start to describe it, I should mention that I’ve also put together a small site where I can collect all the salient information.
We’ll do license files for copy protection (I’m working on building integrated installers too!), and you get a user area where you can log in and download your software whenever.

Should also mention that this UI is my… programmer art… (excepting the logo, by a talented friend of mine, who will be making this look pretty and a lot more professional!). Incidentally, when I say programmer art, what I mean is that the entire UI is generated using a realtime raytracing engine. 😉

So… how to go about building the finest EQ in the world?
I had a few ideas, and a lot of people have helped me with some other great ideas.
Let’s make that another post.

I’m back! 😀

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