In the last 48hrs I have…

… been working on eQuality… 😉

– Fixed the filters
– Implemented an autolisten facility
– Built some rudimentary VUs
– Improved mouse handling on the graph
– Built a hella sexy system so that when I add new parameters, it shouldn’t break old sessions (this is gonna need some testing… 😉 )
– Ensured that inactive bands don’t use cpu
– Built an autoscale mechanism for the graph
– Started building the Setup page
– Fixed redraw on Windows
– Redone (and properly checked) the “music” (gain/q) mechanism. It sounds/feels right now 🙂

– Built the beta candidate
– Setup the beta mailinglist
– Invited my testers to beta!


It’s been hectic. 😉

1 thought on “In the last 48hrs I have…

  1. – Set up fogbugz to catalogue all the things I need to do to get from beta to release.
    Anyone got experience with automating paypal systems in a secure way?
    Looks like (…you save my life time and time again, Mike) I’m going to be able to do custom installers (at least on mac) in no small part thanks to the awesomeness of a new installer system called “Melt”.


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