Another busy day!


Today I’ve been busy fixing things.

It’s not particularly usual for people to publish details of what gets fixed in beta (it’s like dirty linen), but what the hell, it’s been a great day!

v0.01 was the first beta candidate.

Here’s the changelog:
fixed bypass
fixed latency reporting
fixed GUI controls synch
fixed memory leaks / uninitialised memory issues
added version number to UI

All the dumb bugs got fixed first 🙂 v0.02 is like 0.01, except it works 😀

That was the morning… then the afternoon…

don’t break with notches!
improve adaptive transform routine
optimise the crap out of it, part 1 [SIGNIFICANT speed improvements]
optimise the crap out of it, part 2 [SIGNIFICANT speed improvements in non-Digital mode]
improve all prototype estimation pre-optimiser [SIGNIFICANT speed+accuracy improvements]
redo the shelf handling (implement adaptive xform pre-optimiser)
fixed optimiser stability
increased band ranges upto 22k
improved filters to be analogue
tuned filters so that Analogue sounds good for sweeps!

So, eQuality got a LOT faster, much less CPU to use.
The shelves sound better, the filters are analogue style now, and the notches work correctly.
It feels stable (to me) now, and CPU usage went right down 🙂

Hopefully the rest of beta can be about adding neat features now :D:D

Time for me to sleep.


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