Question about demos.


Can I get a consensus on this… how should I do demos?
Sonalksis style (i.e. works for 30days)?
Or StudioDevil style (works for 30mins, then you have to open the UI and hit a button to get it to resume demo).

What do people prefer?

7 thoughts on “Question about demos.

  1. If not 30 days, then 14 days. I’ve bought more than a few UA plugs based on the unrestricted demo period.

    Frankly, the noise thing just drives me up the walls.

  2. Interesting project!

    Definitely 14 or 30 days unrestricted (like PSP, for instance).

    The 30 minutes, then quit, is worthless in the EQ context, I think – just when you’re attuned to some comparison, the session is broken off. Very irritating. May be OK for a synth but not for evaluating an effect, IMHO.

    Good luck!


  3. DDMF’s idea is great:

    fully functional but settings aren’t saved. you can pay as much or as little for the plugin as you want to unlock it so that settings are saved on reopening song or for saving presets etc.

    Also the 14 day / 30 day thing is lame.

    I recently installed the soundtoys demo but due to things cropping up i didn’t get a chance to sudition them before they timed out.

    A better way would be to allow the plug ins to be used for X hours or X number of sessions. might be hard to implement though. Someone may use up there sessions/instances from song files crashing and having to reopen etc.

  4. I think 14-30days unrestricted is looking like the preferred option.

    If you install but don’t get a chance to evaluate, just send me a mail, and I’ll figure some way to sort it out. That’ll be less work overall; I think most people are happy with a month of demo, and if all it takes is dropping me a mail to get an extension, that won’t be too awful, will it?

    Frankly, I’m rather hopeful that it won’t take people a month of usage to figure out that they need this plugin… 😉

    DDMF thing is, I’m afraid a no-go for me. I wrote a long explanation as to why and then deleted it ’cause I was worried it sounded a bit critical. TLDR: I *REALLY* hope he does *EXTREMELY* well from this strategy, but it’s not for me.


  5. Definitely do the 14-30 day thing. We did MixControl that way and it gave people enough time to try it in a “real world” mix scenario. Something as mix-critical as a precision EQ that you have to “restart” every couple of minutes would be really annoying when trying to dial in the right sound while demoing it.

  6. Another vote for the time-limited but feature unrestricted demo period. I think you’ll find if the product is really good that people will put it on a number of their mixes during that period, and then the time runs out. Then they have to buy the product to get their old mixes back. Kind of like giving a bit of crack to an addict ;-).

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