Antialiasing… updated graph

I’d never pretend that graphic design is something that I’m good at. Good thing I have a graphic designer!
Still, I take ages to answer even his simpler questions… so, we’ve been working really hard on the new UI for the last few weeks.

Part of the UI update includes revamping the graph. As you can see, the new graph is neatly antialiased, and looks a lot smoother than the last.
You might notice that the yellow band has a different opacity (and larger handle) to the others; that’s because I had the pointer over it (to adjust it) while taking the screenshot.. 😉

8 thoughts on “Antialiasing… updated graph

    1. I wish I could say today, but the UI has taken much longer than expected.
      There’ve been a few stops on the way, like upgrading to the latest VSTGUI, and the antialiasing stuff, but it should be the case that once we’ve got the UI together, and added a few nice features (undo/redo, for instance), we should be set. I believe that we’re actually code-complete for the DSP, which is exciting 🙂

      My hope is that within 2-4 weeks, you’ll be using EQuality all over your sessions 🙂

  1. i also wanted to know about the low-pass filter. in sonalksis it suffered from the warping effect(became steeper near nyquist). what about your design? just curious..:)

    1. Originally I was going to leave the LPF (and HPF) as normal, warpy digital filters, but thankfully the beta team convinced me otherwise 😀 Now it’s nice and analoguey 😀

  2. So, did you leave Sonalksis because very few people like the mastering suite or what? And what’s up with the pumping on the mastering suite, whatever you do it just…pumps. That could be your thing perhaps, like Apples “it just works” you could go with: “It just pumps”…..And by the way, who did the good Sonalksis plugs like the sv-315?

    1. I left Sonalksis for a variety of career and creative related reasons, none of which related to the mastering plugs. The mastering plugs sounded exactly as intended; there was little point trying to compete with the transparency of Elephant/Voxengo, and the mastering suite offers a great solution for people trying to make things sound loud, fast. This is way off topic though 😉

      For the record, the plugs I didn’t do at Sonalksis were 315/517 Mk1 and CQ1/DQ1. I was involved with the Mk2s, FreeG, and mastering suite. TBKs were a joint venture between myself and the very talented Marko Voutilainen / Sonux studios; we have some plans for future projects… and they WILL PUMP! 😉

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