We’re going to Ibiza…

Something very interesting is about to happen.

A very exciting new project is about to start, which will result in some delicious audio goodness.

I suspect most of you remember the TBKs from my Sonalksis days. I’ve had the chance to spend some time with a good friend with whom the TBKs were designed (not to mention most of my Focusrite projects). As a result, we’ve come up with an evil plan.

I hope it’s not too bold of me to make the claim that I’m fairly reknowned for listening to what real users want; we’re taking this to it’s logical conclusion: bespoke plugins.

We’ll be in Ibiza for two weeks, 11th to 24th August, to meet up with producers. If you’re out there, and would like to arrange a meeting (read: smoke cigars on a sun lounger by the pool in the gorgeous Ibizan weather), drop me a line, Dave at dmgaudio dot com, as always.

I’ll be posting about our activities on the white isle on and off (as internet is available). I have a cache of great DSP that’s aching to make itself useful 😉

… back to the island.


4 thoughts on “We’re going to Ibiza…

  1. nice one totaly get with the bespoke plugs esp with your repitation for quality:-)
    just hope that the Dynamics processor of my dreams dosent submerge for too long 😉

    all the best H

  2. Dave, if you take the basic concepts of the TBK3 ubercomp and make sth modern and more flexible (but still similarly brutal), then i’m sold.. i’ll be in heaven

  3. hi dave,
    are you still working on this?

    what about sidechain with access to a specific frequency range? so you could trigger the bass with your kick, but only the frequency range that overlap.
    not multiband, just one band, which could be sidechained.

    (hope you understand, sorry my bad english)

    and… will there be any christmas sale on equality?
    i tried the demo… AWESOME!

    i will buy it in any case, but if there’d be a chance to get little discount… 🙂

    best wishes!

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