EQuality v1.11

Out now; EQuality v1.11; minor bugfix/update release:

– Fix RTAS/AudioSuite mousehandling
– Fix RTAS/AudioSuite resizing bug
– Fix RTAS automation highlights bug
– Graph Zoom (as pref)
– Enter note names on note-mode textboxes
– Fix slider ‘hover’ mode

Grab the installer here!

4 thoughts on “EQuality v1.11

  1. hey dave, just an observation here (may be a bug !!)

    testing the demo here. when i switch different presets, i notice that while on the analyzer section, different freq. handles are lit(active), their buttons are not..and also the other way around…

  2. Heya,

    When you say “analyzer section”, do you mean the graph? What host/platform are you using? How are you switching presets; using the host, or the popup menu? Which buttons do you mean? If you can give me some more info, I’m happy to investigate 🙂

  3. hey there, yeah i mean the graph window, uing the popup menu, by buttons, i mean the ones to activate/deactivate a band (the colored ones 🙂 hishelf, lowshelf and bell etc..)..win 7, tested it in foobar+chainer… and the vst analyzer)..eg. 010-tilt preset, 014-bM shizzle etc etc…

  4. hi i tryed the demo for equality and upon reload of any of my sessions the highpass filter sounds differnt from initial setting i saved it with , if i dis-engare the filter then re-engage theres a night and day differnce.

    can you look into this


    ps try extreme settings so you notice the differnce

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