Where are things?

New EQ – working on it.

It has ALL THE THINGS, and it’s so sexy that I can’t compare it to previous EQ plugins. It’s more like an EQ platform, from the future. It oozes with power, and it does EVERYTHING. Surround support is in too, which I’m especially pleased about, despite it being one of the nerdier, techier features. DSP is complete- all the hardware models are in and good, parallel modes in, phase modes extended, etc.

AAX – literally ready to ship. I’m trying to decide whether to release it as-is, or hold back and include some more bug fixes. I just re-read that sentence, and I should clearly release AAX straight away. I’ll get on that now.

Beardytron- preparing for the TED talk next month, Daz is coming to DMGAudio HQ out here in Cornwall for a week of hacking and fixing.

Other things… Are there other things? Does anyone still read this blog?

Oh, yes, apparently Krzysztof is making tutorial videos. Awesomely excited about that. 😀


10 thoughts on “Where are things?

    1. Hard to know how to do a screenshot that would do it justice, considering it’s completely configurable in terms of how it looks.
      I could do a shot with “everything on” but it’d be more likely to scare people. 😉

      Price will be higher than EQuality; this will be the most fully-featured EQ on the market.
      But, of course, there’ll be a cheap upgrade path for existing EQuality/EQuick owners. 😉


  1. I’m excited about this, I love EQuality. How can it get better? 😉 Thanks for thinking of all of us devout users with the upgrade path!

    (BTW, some of us DO read this blog, so thanks.)

  2. It’s great to see you active on the internets again. I recently posted some feedback about EQuick on the KVR forum and sent you email too, but I’m not sure if you have read them, so for the sake of convenience I’ll also copypaste the whole thing here:

    Dave, I really like the GUI and workflow of this EQ and I anxiously await for the new “ultimate” equalizer plugin you’ve hinted at.

    There are however some minor issues I’ve encountered when using EQuick, which I’d like to share here, and perhaps you can take these into account when designing the upcoming plugin. I also have some ideas about how to improve the usability by improving on the buttonless, minimal approach of EQuick.

    I’ll start with the issues:

    1. The right click action of inverting the band is very confusing. Some people have mentioned this earlier in this thread, and it was the main reason I almost gave up on using EQuick when I was first demoing it. I would suggest that you let the user decide whether to use it or not, by having an option in the setup menu with at least the following alternatives:
    off/bypass band(s)/invert band(s)

    2. When Ctrl+clicking several bands to bypass them, the band selection is cancelled, so I have to select all the bands again if I want to re-enable them. Makes quick A/B testing of bands a little difficult. Please make the selection stick until I explicitly make another selection. (If the option to use right click for bypass is implemented, this should of course also apply in that case too.) I would also like Alt+double-click to delete all the selected bands. There’s currently no way to delete several bands at once?

    3. The band listen mode is momentarily disengaged when I move the band and at the same time adjust the Q with the mouse wheel.

    So, nothing major, just little easy-to-fix glitches

    Then some usability improvement ideas:

    1. I really liked the workflow with Fabfilter’s Pro-Q which only has a few buttons at the bottom of the plugin, but when using EQuick I realized that you actually don’t need them at all. You’re already making good use of modifier keys and the mouse, but what would be even better is being able to control all the parameters of the selected band(s) with the mousewheel. For example:

    Ctrl+mwheel = adjust gain of selected bands
    Shift+mwheel = adjust frequency
    Alt+mwheel = adjust Q
    mwheel only = zoom (already there)

    These would of course work regardless of where the cursor is, as long as one or more bands are selected, and would obey the mousewheel sensitivity setting.

    2. Make the Q of newly created bands depend on the zoom level. Sometimes I like to zoom in a lot in order to notch out narrow resonances for example, but when I double-click to create a new band the Q is very wide compared to the zoom level.

    So there you have it. I hope you’ll find these suggestions useful. If implemented, it would certainly be the dream EQ workflow, for me at least. 🙂

    —– Also some ideas for Compassion:

    1. Add an On/Off toggle button for the sidechain and main eq categories for easy A/B testing, maybe in the corner of the small graph overviews. When using doubleclick to bypass the EQs I almost always move the band by accident.

    2. Let user select the parameter which is shown on the overview panel by right-clicking on it in the submenu.

    That’s all for now. Hope you have the time to read through this. =)


  3. YES! I use EQuality all the time (analog phase mode rules! especially for drums and vox). I really love the gui of EQuick, too.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve with this. It sort of sounds like a COMPassion-style be-all, end-all eq?

  4. Hey Dave, I regret selling my license for EQuality a while ago due to needing funds, and have been working with my stock EQ. Anyway,

    I wanted to purchase EQuality again, plug EQuick and Compassion. How close is the release of this new EQ because it sounds like I would just want to get that unless it’s cheaper with the upgrade from the current EQ bundle?

    1. We’re going to try and structure the prices so that it’s cheaper to upgrade to EQuilibrium for people who already own DMGAudio plugs than to buy it fresh.

      All our pricing always works this way, to reward customer loyalty! I don’t think there’s as much of that as there should be – massive sales and group buys just feel like a kick in the teeth for people who’ve already bought in, so we strive to avoid that!

  5. We are hoping to hit alpha with EQuilibrium on friday (i.e. two days hence).

    For prudence, we’ll batter it for a week, then release to beta.

    Depending on feedback from beta, release could be any time between two weeks and six. So, 3-7weeks is the time period.

    I’m very much hoping it’ll be within a month, ’cause I can’t wait to see what people make of this beauty.

    Once it’s comfortable in alpha (i.e. sometime next week), I’ll gather some screenshots together, and that’ll be fun 😀

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